Booth's prophecy about the end time

In recent times, people will have a religion without the Holy Spirit, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without confession of sin, politics without God, heaven without hell.



The well-known evangelist Emanuel Minos says the following about William Booth's message:

First, we see that this prophecy is a prognosis that is unequalled in the Christian history. William Booth appears almost the same as the Old Testament prophets.



I heard this prophecy from Booth many years ago when I was young. When I heard it again, I was horrified. When I heard it the first time, after the war, it was of no immediate interest. Today, however, several of these prophecies have become a creepy acknowledgment of the spiritual state in Norway in general and in Scandinavia in particular.



If we take the first prophecy: "People will have a religion without the Holy Spirit," we must give heed to what the scripture says: "The Spirit convinces of sin, righteousness and judgment." Sin, righteousness and judgment are less discussed in our days than before. We can ask ourselves, "Do we grieve the Holy Spirit of God?" Eph. 4.30



When we come to the second prophecy "Christianity without Christ," we must say that it includes theology - without Christ, without blood and without reconciliation. Blood and fire are the fierce fanfare of the Salvation Army, and the preaching of Christ's blood is the foundation of all true evangelical service. Today, we hear much about God, but less about the blood and the atonement sacrifice, that is, Christ's sacrifice and death on the cross for our sins.



This leads to the third prophecy from William Booth "forgiveness without confession of sin". We must not create guilt when we preach, people say. But woe to us if we die people asleep and in their sins. We have all sinned and we need the glory of God.



"Salvation without rebirth" continues the prophecy. We do not need no confession of sin, penance and remorse when we preach the gospel. And if we perform such a preaching, then it will become what Booth prophesies religion without true Christianity.



The fifth prophecy of General Booth about "politics without God" is not merely about atheist politicians - it is also a warning to everybody who want to spread the esteem of God to our people.



The sixth prophecy, "Heaven without Hell," is a message that has carried rich fruits in a dechristianized society. The Norwegian professor Ole Hallesby was to feel the consequences of his preaching about eternal perdition. After his time, we bearers of Christianity, in fear of hurting anyone, wrap our words up in cottonwool when it comes to talking about eternity. We give the nation sugar cubes instead of spiritual vitamins. We give them honey-sweet entertainment preaching instead of a searching making up with our responsibility for eternity.



Now, anyone who proclaims the Word, regardless of which church or congregation he belongs to, must ask for revival by the Holy Spirit. There is no highway to Heaven. The gate is small and the road is narrow. But blessed is the one who holds on, says Emanuel Minos.

"Friend of the Home"

Effie Campbell translated.