It bubbles and thunders in the spiritual world. Shortly before his death in 1797 in Vilnius, Lithuania Rabbi Elijah ben Shlomo Zalman shared a prophecy, which to my knowledge was kept secret until 2014, when a relative published it. Here it is:

"When the Russians conquer Crimea you should know that the Messiah era has begun, that you almost hear his steps. And when the Russians go into Constantinople (now Istanbul), so you put on your Sabbath clothes. And do not take it of again, for then the Messiah can come every minute. "

No, I have not predicted the date of the coming of Jesus – or said that it happens within the next decade. I have just pointed to a corner of what is going on in the spiritual world. That a respected rabbi more than 218 years ago mentioned these two signs for the coming of the Messiah.

One came true d. March 18, 2014, when Russia annexed the Crimea. IF Russia invades Istanbul, I do not know. But I know that Putin is right now very threatening to Istanbul due to the shooting of a Russian aircraft - and Turkey's rapprochement with the EU.


Be awake and pray!